A symbol of eternity, pure gold awakens the inner beauty of the skin.

For centuries, 24 karat gold was the epitome of beauty. Today, this precious metal is paired with innovative nanotechnology to create a powerful age prevention solution. We utilise two types of gold in our products:

  1. Nano gold - ultra-fine gold particles penetrate deeper into the skin
  2. Gold flakes – these are used for their iridescent properties as they rest of the surface of the skin to create an unrivalled luminosity

Gold has both positive and negative charges which work with your skin’s own natural charges. It has the ability to activate the charges in the skin which means that blood circulation and lymph flow are increased. As a result of increased blood circulation to the skin new nutrients and oxygen are brought to the skin cells. Gold is a potent antioxidant that combats free radicals. Skin healing and regeneration are boosted, your skin is strengthened, radiant and ages more slowly.

Superficially the gold flakes provide immediate luminosity.