Hi, My name is Nawal Jaftha and I am ONLY 54 years old. I strongly believe that AGE is but a number. I am very passionate about swimming, calligraphy and spending time with my family are at the very top of my favourite passtimes. I consider myself to be extremely ambitious, and a go getter.

I believe that women are such amazing creatures, if they put their minds to something they can get whatever they want. I do not like procrastination at all, I believe we should do today what we can do today.

I believe in complete transparency so that all people in my life know exactly where they stand with me at any given time.

I live my life in a big way, everything I do I do in a big way. I love hard, I cry hard. I hold my friends in very high esteem, my family always comes first, I always regard my family in very high esteem. I believe in building people up rather than tearing them down, but I also believe that nobody can make you feel inferior, without YOUR consent.

I believe that all humans are beautiful, when you take the time to learn what is inside their hearts.

In a nutshell, I ALWAYS try to step into my power, I feel that I am very sensitive and considerate  to the feelings of others.

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