Technologies that make our formulas unique...


Nanotechnology is a new age nanotechnology that differs from the traditional type. Traditional technology works on encapsulating ingredients for deeper penetration whereas our new generation nanotechnology focuses on creating tiny particles that have the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin.


Magnetism is a force of attraction or repulsion through positive and negative charges. Magnetic fields amplify the skins own natural magnetic energy and enhances flow and movement of particles in the skin. This results in increased circulation and delivers fresh nutrients and oxygen and removes toxins.


Lipigenine is an encapsulating technology that ensures active ingredients are able to pass through the natural lipid barrier of the skin It is made of lipids and is most prevalent in our Hyaluronic collection. Lipigenine acts an intelligent oil that is able to gauge how much oil is required by the cells in the skin.


Chronogen technology is an innovative anti-aging tetrapeptide that utilises advanced molecular biology inspired by epigenetic science to slow genetic ageing. It helps preserve skin from UV damage during the day and helps optimise the protective and regenerative cycle of skin at night High concentrations are found in the Collagen and Hyaluronic Collections.