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Prestige Capsules

The advanced scientific formula of the unique Black Pearl serum capsules is enriched with active ingredients, aromatic oils, plant extracts and vitamins.

The serum penetrates even the deepest layers of the skin, providing nourishing moisture and essential repairing elements. Use under a moisturiser or as a nourishing cream at night.

Key Ingredients: Vitamins A C E and F, Omega 3, Ginseng, Dead Sea Minerals, Centella Asiatica.

40 units / capsules

Relaxing Beauty Mask 

This unique complex mask provides intense nourishment for dry skin, it is full of deeply nourishing oils and anti-oxidants to protect the skin. It is an effective relaxing and calming beauty mask.

Key Ingredients: Borage Seed Oil, Annus Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Dead Sea Minerals.


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